Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well, they are right?
"In a world that's unreliable, these are rocks on which to cling"

Still Love that lyric!

"Schwinn!"  is a good one too, but we'll get into that later,,,,

   So last month I tell my son that I'm gonna be doing "High Fidelity" again, and he says,
And I tell him,,, "Are you kiddin'?!  That show was a Blast!  A Musical about Music? 
And to get to play one of the coolest, most Awesomest characters EVER!,,,,,,   The Most Pathetic Man in The World?
How could I say no?"

After that, I could see, he could see where I was comin' from.

But without a doubt, even though Zak's in it again, I'm back because of how much fun it was to be a part of this show.  The story,,,the music,,,the chicks.   Even dick jokes!  It's got it all!

  Been to a few rehearsals so far, and have already remembered a note I gave to myself from the last time,,"Todd, remember,,,don't look at Zak during 'Conflict Resolution'     
    Kills me Every Time!

More to follow, of course,,,,   Just thought I really need to get  this rockblog, rollin'

And just in case you were wondering,,,,,

I'd bring, "The Wall", "Tommy",  Chuck Berry's "The Great Twenty-Eight" Zeppelin's, "Physical Graffiti" and "The Blues Brothers: The Definitive Collection"



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