Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And mine is Ringo,,,,

  So have ya listened to the radio lately?
No,,,of course you haven't.  Nobody does anymore.  Well, certainly not for music anymore.
Maybe for the occasional top of the hour news, ballgame or intoxicatingly riveting talk radio,,,, but not for tunes.
  (And if you say you do,,, forgetting your ipod doesn't count)

It's wild to me to think, that at one point, radio was the ONLY way to hear new music.  Now?  It's the last place people go.

   Watched a video yesterday of Tom Hanks inducting The Dave Clark Five into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and his induction speech was Incredible.  Painted quite the picture,,,not only for him, but for several generations,,,Tom Inducts The Dave Clark Five

"You attach yourself to popular culture, seeking distraction from your day"

Sound like anybody you know?

Personally, sounds like a lotta people I know,,,,  Including myself.

 His adoration for DC5 was very clear, (And deservedly so.  DC5 Rocked!   Personally I've always thought, one of the most influential, yet underrated bands of all time)  but you get from it, that it was all music in general, that drew kids to the radio for those 2 1/2 minute trips to worlds outside of their own.

   Of course through the years, those trips started to get longer,,,,,

Credit the lads from Liverpool for that,,,
If you're The Doors in 1967, "Light my Fire" goes from  7:05 (album version) to 2:52.
But if you're the Beatles "Hey Jude" clocks in at 7:11.

(Ok, maybe it had more to do with the songs,,   "Light my Fire" at 7 minutes didn't work on radio back then, and it wasn't till several years later that radio began playing a 4:50 version.
But "Hey Jude"?  with a 4 minute fadeout and a chorus that repeats 19 times?
Ok,,,maybe it had more to do with The Beatles)

  Another thing I found interesting has to do with another Doors song...  "Break on Through (to the other side)" also from their debut album in 67'.  "Break on Through"
About halfway through the song, Jim sings, "She gets,,,,,she gets,,,,she gets,,,, ah Yeaaahhhh!"
Well, at least that's how the kids heard it back then.
Seems, radio wouldn't play it the way it was originally recorded, which was, "She gets high,,,,,,she gets high,,,,,she gets high,,,,,, High Yeaaaaah!"

It's only now, in recent years, that the original unedited version has surfaced on some of our public airwaves.

But please,,,don't get me started on our public airwaves.

For some reason though, I started thinking about songs that have gotten edited,,,censored,,,and downright butchered through the years, that seemed to be ok for a long time, but then all of a sudden they had to start fuckin' with our music!  Did the nip slip at the Super Bowl really start this new wave of censorship?

For years it was ok, for Roger Daltrey to scream, "Who the Fuck are you?!"
ZzTop to exclaim, "Shit I got to have her!"
Vedder to tell us Jeremy was a harmless little fuck

 Quite alright to hear The Stones' depiction of a woman who could make a dead man cum,,,,,
Pink Floyd telling us Money's a hit, don't give me that do goody good bullshit,,,

But none of that's ok anymore on public radio,,,

And in case you haven't noticed,,,,

You can still take a walk on Lou Reed's "Wild Side" but Candy doesn't lose her head anymore,,,(at least not when she's giving head)

Slicing up tunes for the radio is one thing,,,,  but those bastards even attacked my ipod!

 So it's a typical day out on the route last week, just groovin along, makin the rounds and jammin', (of course)  I ain't botherin' nobody, right?
And for this particular 2 1/2 minute escape, I was dancin with my "Brown eyed girl"
 You know the tune.
And most of ya know all the lyrics.
So I'm singin along, as I tend to do, and just when I'm about to be "overcome, thinkin about makin love in the green grass,,,,, in its place, I hear,,,,,,,, "laughin and a runnin'.        taken from the first verse!!!

I had to replay it!  I thought I fucked up!

But I play it again, and sure enough!   And I'm like,,,,  "Holy.  Shit.  Balls.  !"     They got me!

Now, I'm not too sure of where that version of "Brown eyed Girl" was BEFORE it was on my ipod, but to think somewhere, somehow,,,somebody, was either offended or insane,,,or both and demanded a change in the lyrics, is just way way too wacky for me.  Especially THOSE lyrics!  Seriously?

Not sure where or who, but even if it's only 9% of radio stations out there playing this version, that's 9% too much.

"Long Live Rock"

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